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Course image Training course about Administering e-learning platforms
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Welcome to the Administering E-learning Platforms Course!

Dear Learners,

Welcome to our comprehensive training course on Administering E-learning Platforms. In the fast-evolving landscape of education, effective administration of e-learning platforms is crucial for creating seamless and engaging learning experiences.

Course image E-tutor training
Learn 2 Volunteer courses

Understand the role of a volunteer's tutor throughout the mobility project, develop tools and methods of tutoring.

Course image Essential skills
Learn 2 Volunteer courses

Essential skills: considered essential for volunteers and NGOs to succeed in their ESC, open-mindedness, adaptation, motivation, self-confidence, communication, responsibility, commitment, organization

Skills to be improved: Motivation, planning, responsibility, open-mind, strategic thinking, time management etc.

This course will enable participants to better understand the purpose of their Volunteering, furthermore will serve as a support for their planning, organizing and managing their activities throughout their ESC.

Course image Building Bridges with ESC
Learn 2 Volunteer courses

The aim of this training course is to foster a cross-cultural learning for the volunteer to be aware about multiculturality of the ESC experience. 

We look forward to seeing you in the course!

Course image The power of visual images
Learn 2 Volunteer courses

Strong visuals can connect with an audience faster, and with more emotion, than words alone. Storytelling remains at the heart of good communication. Human beings have evolved to remember stories more effectively than any other content structure.

Course image The wave of a next innovator
Learn 2 Volunteer courses
This training course is about entrepreneurship , how you can become a successful entrepreneur, marketing strategies, how to establish your online business and how to manage your time.
Course image Public Speaking and Leadership
Learn 2 Volunteer courses

This course aims to build the volunteers leadership and public speaking capacities through giving them an efficient and brief training in the following areas: Cultural Intelligence, Leadership, Rhetoric of Speech and Body Language. 

By the end of this course, the volunteers will be able to:

  • Identify their audience
  • Create a basic outline
  • Find the right words
  • Overcome nervousness
  • Deliver a polished, professional speech
  • Handle questions and comments effectively

Course image Don't Give Me Food- Teach Me How to Cook
Learn 2 Volunteer courses

This course is intended for ESC Volunteers to develop and raise awareness on sharing food and cooking for disadvantaged communities.

It presents information about the current situation in the world and the good practices implemented to help those in need of food. It also informs those who would like to get to know more about the cooking volunteer programs abroad. 

Course image Promoting Equality of Opportunities in Volunteering
Learn 2 Volunteer courses
This course has been developed by learn2volunteer to assist you to promote equality of opportunities and diversity in volunteering and teach you how to comply with the terms of the equality act. In addition, to make you familiar with equality issues and to challenge discriminatory practices and provide an inclusive and equal learning environment.  
Course image Be volunteer to spread gender equality
Learn 2 Volunteer courses

In this training-course we will understand better the equality and where we find the disequality. All rules relevant to gender have an effect on living conditions and access to resources for women and men. This effect is known as "gender impact". 

Course image Anti-Discrimination for Volunteers
Learn 2 Volunteer courses

This course is developed for ESC Volunteers to develop and raise awareness on discrimination, starting from the mere recognition of it, going through educating on specific types of discrimination, giving data on the situation in the local area’s context up to setting up guidelines on how to act in a non-discriminative way through digital means.

Course image How to improve foreign language skills
Learn 2 Volunteer courses

This course should give you tips and tricks and end, of course, you will know how to improve the language. The course focus on listening, speaking and reading. As an example course use the English language.

Course image Following your learning path during ESC
Learn 2 Volunteer courses

Your ESC path starts right now? Please, sit down comfortably, fasten seat belts are not necessary and enjoy your journey.

Course image To be a volunteer
Learn 2 Volunteer courses

Skills to be improved: Understanding the concept of volunteering, volunteering as mindset, Interpersonal skills, flexibility, teamwork, communication skills

This course will enable participants to understand the concept of volunteering, volunteering as a mindset, its benefits, the role and responsibilities furthermore will enhance friendliness, dynamism, flexibility, teamwork, investment, interpersonal skills,  active participation, ability to work in a team and many more. 

Course image Save others life (First Aid course)
Learn 2 Volunteer courses

Have you encountered some accidents you are unable to intervene, because you do not have some experience?Here you will have the chance to know some basics of first aid.

Course image How to prepare a city camp for 7-10 ages children
Learn 2 Volunteer courses

The course was created to help you to prepare a city camp for children. We hope you really enjoy it.

Course image Living ECO Friendly
Learn 2 Volunteer courses

The main aim of this course is to raise awareness of your impact on the environment and understand the concept of eco-friendly behaviour. Through various interactive activities, we help you gain knowledge and skills regarding environmental protection and good practices which you can actively promote.

Course image Looking at the future
Learn 2 Volunteer courses
What to do after this volunteering? Where to go? Whom to contact?

Do not panic, we are here to help you and accompany you in your steps and encourage you to take your destiny in hand. 

Course image English Communication Training Course For ESC Volunteers
Learn 2 Volunteer courses

This course is designed especially for future or current ESC volunteers. Its aim is to improve English language skills, provide self-confidence and develop both verbal and non-verbal skills to make the time abroad more comfortable and profitable. 

Course image How to be successful in fundraising?
Learn 2 Volunteer courses

Dear participant! 

Welcome on the training course "How to be successful in fundraising”. In order to start your journey through this course, please click on the link below.

Good luck!

Course image Everything You Want to Know About Disability but Are Too Afraid to Ask
Learn 2 Volunteer courses

At the end of this course you will be able to define the term disability, recognize and understand your own prejudice and stereotypes about disability and have improved your communication skills so that you can more effectively interact with disabled people.

Course image The Art of Conflict Management
Learn 2 Volunteer courses

This training offers useful basic information about conflict situations, different types of conflicts and problem solving techniques. 

Course image Working with kids in early age school through art
Learn 2 Volunteer courses
In this training course we would like to prepare volunteers for the basic skills of working with kids in early age school, through art, during their EVS. By this training you will gain competences needed for voluntary service.